HP :


Top speed :


Exhaust system :

Roost havoc 70cc

Drive belt :

Malossi OR belt

Cylinder kit :

Roost havoc 70cc

Clutch :

Polini 3g speedclutch

Crankshaft :

Malossi rhq rod85

Clutch bell :

Polini evo2

Intake system :


Gear :


Reed vavle :

kx85 v-force

Ignition :

Malossi e-prom

Carburetor :

Stage 6 rt 30mm

Rear pulley :

Malossi OR

Air filter :


Cylinder head (4T) :

Variator :

Malossi OR

Camshaft (4T) :

Styling parts & Custom work

Dragscoot with minarelli engine from jog r
The scooter weigh 50kg with wheeliebar on
Alu Rpm front fork, with custom alu fork leg
Rpm front wheel 10″ with kenda tyre
8″ hoosier now
MBT brake in the front, drum in the rear
Bosch waterpump
runner 180cc radiator with fans on to keep it cold

video from the last time it was running before winter (dyno): https://clips.twitch.tv/SaltyLuckySangKevinTurtle

Video from the best run in 2016: https://www.facebook.com/100001328793672/videos/1084114728309477/

Cheers from Denmark

https://www.facebook.com/RamshojRacing/ lots of fast movie of it on my facebook page 🙂

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