HP :


Top speed :


Exhaust system :

Malossi MHR Team Testa Rossa 94cc

Drive belt :

Malossi Oversize Kevlar

Cylinder kit :

Malossi MHR 94cc Testa Rossa

Clutch :

Malossi Delta 107mm

Crankshaft :

Malossi MHR Team 44mm / 90mm

Clutch bell :

Malossi MHR Team 107mm

Intake system :


Gear :

Malossi Primary 14/39 Secondary 13/48

Reed vavle :

Malossi VL 18

Ignition :

Malossi MHR Team Inner rotor

Carburetor :

Malossi MHR Team VHST 28mm

Rear pulley :

Malossi MHR Team Overrange La Furia Rossa

Air filter :


Cylinder head (4T) :

Variator :

Malossi Oversize multivar

Camshaft (4T) :

Styling parts & Custom work

Powder coated frame & 13″ Gyronectics black diamond rims, Aluminum Forks, Aluminum triple tree, Aluminum axle, Aluminum frame braces, Malossi RS1 rear shock, Renthal handlebars, Str8 neck short, Adelin levers, Adelin front caliper, Adelin brake cables, R & D Italy front and rear discs, Yamaha Zuma bolt on radiators, Stage6 dual temp/ tach gauge, Stage6 kickstarter, Koso in line water temp. Sensor, Custom sleeved, Tusk enduro rechargeable battery operated lighting kit (blinkers & taillight).

6 thoughts on “Yamaha Jog / Malossi 94cc RC-One”

  1. Justin Vachon dit :

    Wow, very clean build, hoping to see it on the drag meets !

    1. Larry Harper dit :

      Thank you sir. Yeah I wish we had more drag races for scooters here in the states.

  2. Scooter66 dit :

    Very nice build Larry, looking forward to see this beast alive!

  3. Éric Blouin dit :

    This is such a BEAST! Great work Larry!

    1. Larry Harper dit :

      Thank you sir. The rims and the engine should look familiar!

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